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Scientific Writing for Computer Science Students

This course teaches computer science students to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises, which are taken from computer science context. It helps them to learn the research principles, methods and methodologies. Another emphasis is the use of LATEX, which suits especially well for writing computer science texts containing several equations, algorithms, tables, and figures. In addition, the literature sources and references can be easily managed with bibtex.

Exam Structure and Timing: The exam consists of 20 multiple choice, true/false and descriptive answer questions, for duration of a one and half hours session. The exam is based on this book , please read it carefully to answer the exam questions. This is a closed book closed notes exam.

Class work and Projects code have been uploaded to Github repository! - Clone it.

Class Presentation - Ethics in Information Technology

Ethics in Information Technology is designed to educate existing and future business managers and IT professionals on the tremendous impact ethical issues play in the use of information technology in the modern business world. The topics covered in this course are extremely current and relevant to anyone preparing to enter the field of IT. Thge course will give students the foundation they need to make appropriate decisions when faced with difficult situations and make a positive impact in the field of information technology.

Slides: Lecturer 1

Class Presentation: Each group will make a 10-20-minute class presentation (Powerpoint) on the topic of their term paper. The presenting group members will be evaluated on their coverage of the topic and their ability to engage fellow students in discussion. Students in the class will be asked to evaluate their fellow students' presentations on content, clarity, and excitement level.

Presentation Time Slots

Monday 01 June 201511:20 - 11:40 Shokrullah, M.Arif, Abbas
Monday 01 June 201512:15 - 12:35 M.Jawid, Zia, Rauof
Sunday 31 May 201510:30 - 10:50 Sharifa Nawrouzee, Sharifa, Latifa
Monday 25 May 201511:20 - 11:40 Jamshid, Ab.Khalil, Mahdi
Monday 25 May 201512:15 - 12:35 Sayaruddin, Habib Rahman, Edris
Sunday 24 May 201509:40 - 10:00 Khwaja Sharif, Sebghatullah, M.Esmaiel
Sunday 24 May 201510:30 - 10:50 Ab.Khalil, S.Behrooz, Saifuddin
Monday 18 May 201511:20 - 11:40 Mahdi, M.Jawid, Rohullah
Monday 18 May 201512:15 - 12:35 M.Nazir
Sunday 17 May 201509:40 - 10:00 Khwaja Sharif, Sebghatullah, M.Esmaiel
Sunday 17 May 201510:30 - 10:50 Ab.Khalil, S.Behrooz, Saifuddin


Information Systems Web Programming:

First Assignmnet: Web Based File/Document Management System

Deadline: Saturday, 07th November 2015 at 12:00AM

The aim of this assignment is to develop a file/document management system that is able to deliver access to instructors and students authorized anytime, anyplace on any device to the study materials. Full Description

Upload your Assignments: DROPitTo.Me


Final Projects


We have a regulare meeting once every week on Sunday 11:30 at Computer Science Faculty, to discuss the work progress, next steps and actions of the team. Attendance at the meeting is mandatory! Here is the list of projects and members.

Supportive Documents

Recent Handouts

S/N Topic Downlaod
1 Java Beans
2 Java Server Pages (JSP)
3 J2EE Components
4 Java Enterprise Edition - Introduction
5 RESTful - Web Services
7 SOAP - Web Services
8 JSON - JavaScript Object Notation
9 RSS - Realy Simple Syndication
10 XML and JavaScript
11 XML - Extensible Markup Language
12 Less - The Dynamic Stylesheet Language
13 Sass - Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets
14 JQuery - Javascript Framework
15 Ajax
16 JQuery - Selectors - Reference
17 Github Repository - IS Department
18 Github Repository - IT Department

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